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Feathered Friends Paper Dolls - BlueJay, Crow, Owl and Finch

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Birds of a feather flock together in this charming, imaginative paper doll book, designed and illustrated by myself. Dress Laurel Goldfinch, Juniper Bluejay, Rowan Crow and Willow Owl in an elegant, turn-of-the century wardrobe. Fashion themes include By the Sea, In the Garden, Ballroom Dancing, At the Opera, In the Boudoir, Working Lady, Afternoon Social, and Winter Wonderland. There are more than 60 fashion items in all!

Adding to the fun are five darling stand-up characters: Ivy Cardinal in her sweet sailor dress, Hazel Woodpecker with her bouquet of posies, smartly dressed Magnolia Bluebird, darling Olive Chickadee holding her little bluebird doll, and precious Baby Oak Finch tucked into her baby buggy (or birdie buggy as the case may be). Stands provided for each doll. Makes a wonderful gift for bird lovers!

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