original badger watercolour
original hand painted badger
original badger watercolour
original anthropomorphic badger painting
close up detail of badger from original painting
original badger kitchen witch

Original Badger Watercolour Art, Hazel the Kitchen Witch

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This is an original of "Hazel the Kitchen Witch" from the Woodland Witch Series

Paper size: 8" x 10"

Painted on 140lb. Arches hot pressed paper. Hand drawn in pencil and then painted with watercolour and gauche. The original art is signed and dated by the artist. The painting will come in a cello sleeve and mailed flat with a rigid backing, to arrive safely in your hands.

I am Hazel the Kitchen Witch. 
I gather, wash, chop and prepare Mother Earth’s bounty.
Out of Her roots and bulbs I will make  a broth to  warm
your insides and soothe your soul.
Beets and radishes are my favourite ingredients!
Bring me yours and we will eat together and be happy.

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