Welcome to my studio and thanks for taking the time to view my creations! As a child I would spend hours creating paper dolls that lived in a paper world and now I have come full circle.  After years of being a freelance designer, I am back creating whimsical creatures and paper dolls that live in magical worlds. I work primarily in watercolors on paper and have an obsession with woodland animals, especially foxes! I will forever try to weave magic of the forest into everything I do.


Where do you live? I was born and raised in the city of Montreal and moved to small rural town in Eastern Ontario years ago. I wake up every morning, go for a walk and enjoy all the nature around me. I even enjoy our long Canadian winters!

What inspires you most? Foxes, owls, crows, falling stars, rainbows, old books, the forest, poetry, luna moths, rivers, any type of flowers, abandoned farmhouses, the moon, magic, my dog, friends (you know who you are) and so much more!

Where did the name Paper Fox Oddities come from? In 2014 I opened up my first online shop on Etsy, Crazy Fox Paper which sells digital invitations and party accessories. I wanted this shop to be different yet somehow connected. So, I kept the name Paper Fox and added the word Oddities. My illustrations are whimsical and a little “odd”, I think we should all embrace our oddness and celebrate what makes us unique.

How long have you been an Artist? I’ve been making art for as long as I remember! There really was no other choice for me.

How do you stay inspired? I find nature particularly  inspiring. If ever I am feeling ‘stuck’, I usually go for a walk, work in my garden, or just watch birds from my window. I really love history and reading fairytales which are both great sources of inspiration for me.

Where do you buy your art supplies? Right now I order online, but I love a good art shop!

Do you work traditionally or digitally? Both! My Etsy shop, Crazy Fox Paper is solely digital and I illustrate everything in Adobe Illustrator. Here however I prefer the traditional methods of watercolors, gouache and acrylics.

What kind of paper and paints do you use? I typically paint on Arches Hot Pressed paper and I love to use Winsor Newton and Holbein watercolors, Acryla Gouache, and Amsterdam acrylic paint.

How do you scan and print your artwork? I use an Epson scanner and both Epson and Canon printers.

What color combination are you most excited about right now? Definitely pinks and oranges!!!

What is your current favorite font? It has to be Garamond.

Can you change the background color of a print? No, sorry, I do not alter artwork.

What artist are you reincarnated from? Arthur Rackham, I wish!

Did you write the poems for each of your characters? No, I wish I could write! A dear fiend of mine, Penny, composed all of the poems. They are as magical as she is!

Do you teach workshops? Not yet, hopefully soon! My new studio was recently renovated and it is a magical space. Once it is safe to do so, I will be hosting small group workshops.

Can I sell or make copies of your work? Sorry ...in a word no, however you can reach out to me for licensing.

Where can we find you online? Find me on instagram @paperfoxoddities  for posts about new work, my studio, my dog and other pieces of magic!